Windows 8.1 problems.

  • [attachment=1:28kyha1h]DxDiag.txt[/attachment:28kyha1h]Ever since i update to windows 8.1 chivalry has been unable to play for me, it is running as if it is using the on board graphics card rather than the nvidia. It would run perfectly before i updated and now it would be running around 5-10 fps. I have a nvidia geforce 740m 2gb graphics card in this laptop so it should be fine. I think it has something to do with windows 8.1. Every other game i have will run perfectly also (payday2, dota2, counterstrike) with no lag at all.

  • Yuor dxdiag seems to show your primary gfx card as:

    Display Devices

    Card name: Intel® HD Graphics 4000
    Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
    Chip type: Intel® HD Graphics Family
    DAC type: Internal

    Although I can see drivers for a NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M further down (suspect if some other games are working fine they may be selecting the 740m themselves).

    I’d start by having a look in device manager/display adapters and try and get dxdiag to use the 740m as a primary

  • I’ve reinstalled the game 2-3 times, I’ve downloaded the BETA I’ve opted out of the beta things recommended in other posts.

  • Did you see my reply above?

    It looks like dxdiag is using an inboard graphics card as primary, so this might be something that youneed to check in then idea control panel or just perhaps disable the on board graphics if you are using therefore card

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