Everyone join a server hosting my custom called warship but me

  • Hi i made aocTD-warship
    and i creat a server hosting this map
    My other 3 maps were working good and people joined my server
    Ploblem is when i changed this map (aoctd-warship) , just i got stuck a unlimited loading screen and then i have to restart my game
    But all of my friends and players said " your maps are working :3 what happened to you?? you got crashed?? Weird"

    Please fix my problem :c

    Ps There are a lot of bugs about a custom server

  • If everyone else can load the custom maps ok, it points to it being something on your end. Whats the chance you have the a different version (either older or newer) of the custom map on your computer than on the server? Maybe you updated it slightly?

    You can try moving the custom map from your computer and then letting steam workshop download it from the server and see if that fixes the issue?

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