Class that requires the most skill

  • Hey all,

    I know these type of questions are frowned upon very much so; but was still interested in it.

    Recently bought this game off steam after never playing the first version (medieval warfare). Finally got myself to buy it ;), including the expansion.

    Absolutely love it; having a blast - even though I suck still very much. (Last game was 15 kills 34 deaths but was still having a blast ^^)
    I tend to improve pretty fast at games though - so I was actually planning on focusing on a single class that I learn tricks etc with.

    Atm I’m playing as a spartan as it seemed like the most noob friendly one. 24/7 block & a cool look :D. But was just wondering which of the classes would be amazing with a skilled hand?
    I know all of them would; but which one would be on your direct mind?

    (Apologies for any mistakes)

    Thanks in advance fellow chivalry players ;D! Meet you in the battlefield & hopefully for you, on my team! :P

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