Steam Overlay won't show up.

  • Since the last Chivalry:Medieval Warfare Update when the Launcher got introduced in which you can choose what to launch. (Medieval Warfare or Deadliest Fighter), the Steam Overlay won’t show up when im pressing Shift+Tab. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Thank you very much

    With kind regards, Nikom7

  • This started happening with the same patch that introduced experimental 64-bit. You also can’t take Steam screenshots any more, either.

  • This same thing happened to me. The Steam Overlay won’t show up reliably in the 64-bit version. You need to run the game in 32-bit for the overlay to work. At least this was what was happening to me.

  • I remember that when DW was released, the update somehow disabled Steam overlay in the options for me.
    Have you tried double checking that the box is actually checked in the game properties on Steam? (Enable Steam community in game)

  • I know that if you run Team Speak or any VIOP program that has a screen overlay in game, if you run it before you start Chiv, that the VIOP program’s overlay takes precedence over Steams. Thus, start Chiv first, ALT+TAB out of game before you join a server and then start your VIOP program. All should be good. But sometimes Steam overlay will bug out regardless.

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