Old site

  • Although the new site is nice, Imo the old site was full of players
    postings with quite a lot of pictures from players. With lots of character.

    I would suggest that the old site was infact built up by the
    fans and players of Chivalry in essence us the community.

    Lots of content will be missed by some and if any more such
    swift remakes of the website boards are to take place I believe

    you should make a post in advance on the subject of major forum changes to the fans/players.
    The community and players might have thought, quite rightly so, that they should have at the very least
    a say or a vote towards such swift fast site changes. Especially on the forums.

    It is my opinion such a fast site change might have cost dearly
    the fan base and regular posters, not to mention trust in Torn Banner.

    At the end of the day you have to remember its us the community
    and players who purchased your game. In essence you are duty bound
    to at least assure them the site is not going to change again as
    drastically without any consultation including us all.

    We are the community, We play the game day in and day out, we make the posts and add our contributions.
    we deserve more consideration on any major site changes regarding message boards.

  • They decided to reset everyone’s passwords without telling anyone.

    What the hell did they expect to happen when they did that?

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