Problem hosting a CDW server with custom maps.

  • This is what happens when I try to join my server:

    Any ideas of what could have caused this, or how I can resolve the issue? Or is it perhaps not I who is at fault, but the connection between DW and the Workshop?

    I’m using the 64-bit client, and it worked for regular maps.

  • That usually points to the download url on steam workshop having being changed or the file being removed or updated. I’d try redownloading a copy from the workshop and apply it to the server again

  • Apparently, after talking to a guy, my mistake was trying to play maps made for MW in DW.
    The game could have just told me, rather than giving me a message like that. ;(

  • ahh good to know, I suspect this might crop up more frequently now that servers are starting to use custom maps. thanks for the update.

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