Long starting up,long loading,cant join server sometimes

  • Hi iam typing you about my issues with Chivalry medieval warfere since a latest big patch, dont know if it is for that, but since then iam having issues with that game.Never had a problems with it before and even all of my friends after the patch have no issues.So i will try to explain what bothers me.First game all of sudden loads so long i mean when i run it from steam game list i have to wait almost a minute till the game starts which took max 15 seconds in the past.Even in a game when i load maps it took max 10 seconds to join a server now it takes almost a minute.Other issue is sometimes when i joining a server iam kicked while joining with a error:Server client lost its integrity.I tried to reinstall a game and even even checked integrity of a game from properties menu none of that helped.Also having issues when i want to join a custom servers first load iam always stuckeed in a camre mod where ai cant do anything only ctrl+alt+del and end the game and then tun it again but main problem is that long loading.I got a good machine dont know why all of sudden those things happens.Almost forgot when i try to join a server iam getting this error kind of often.Server client lost its integrity.I verified all my files on steam but nothing has changed.

  • Regarding the long load times, can you provide a copy of your launch log to see if chivalry is getting up to anything odd when it’s loading?

    Failing integrity checks (when you’ve already verifying the game cache) is quite an unusual problem. Just wanted to check you’ve not had other issues or issues with other games (want to rule out potential failing memory causing corruption of data stored within)

  • Any fix for that. I’ve got same problem. Sometimes when map loads i cant move it and i can just kill process.

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