UDK / steam workshop issue

  • There seems to be something funny with the steam upload, unless of course this is how its meant to work. I understood that steam uploads the CMWSDK file and that there is a limit of 100MB. However I ma having problems when the non compressed files are over 100MB and the CMWSDK file is about 62MB, then steam refused to upload the file saying there is connection problems.

    I would really like to be able to use more MBs (I have a good amount of my own content in a UPK (and i assume this does have to be included?)

    Is there a bug or something here or how its meant to work?? or any other advice ……


  • bump - any ideas guys?

  • bump again - really guys, i should have 100MB to play with but this is confining me to about 62…. do you know what is happening?

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