Please make the screen flash blue instead of red when hit by a team mate

  • This would be a great quality of life change and let us know much more easily when we’re being hit by a team mate so we know we can continue comboing, or not freak out as much when we know we took less damage than from a hit by an enemy.

    I would really appreciate this for both MW and DW.

  • The red is supposed to be blood. While it may be useful it would be sort of immersion breaking. Being suddenly underwater. You usually know when its a team mate who hits you anyway.

  • Blue flashes… Red flashes… It’d be like a disco :p

    I agree with the point that the red is supposed to be like blood, so having a blue flash might affect immersion etc. maybe something else like a different type of grunt/pain sound when hit by a teammate?

  • Then make it something different and easily readiable and reactable to. I haven’t felt immersion in so long, so that means little to me now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • i can typically tell by the amount of damage dealt, especially if it’s an archer because instead of doing 90% damage, it will only do like 30% or so and i wont be hearing my heart beat through my face. Either that or i can turn around and see them probably still swinging at me.

  • This is a great idea. Maybe a different sound could work, like: “stop spamming LMB next to me, ^#%&#”

  • I’d agree you can usually feel when an enemy hits you but some people might want the visual representation of colours even if more expienced players this is superfluous, but might be useful at lower levels.

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