How to change the order of the maps in my LAN game?

  • So I was going to run a LAN game with some friends, and I couldn’t find out how to change the order of the maps? I want it to repeat FFA Throneroom. Also, is there anyway to set up a way to auto-add bots? Instead of logging in as admin and adding them every match.

  • Do you use a rented server or your own pc?

  • If you’re using the server files there is a section somewhere in PCServer-UDKGame.ini.
    Ctrl-F for “maplist”.

    You should get to a section with a list of maps that go like:

    Just remove them and add only 1 line in it’s place:

    I believe I once saw a topic about adding bots by using the shortcut to boot up a dedicated server by putting something like “-numplayers 5” at the end. But now I am unable to find this topic again so I wouldn’t try that.

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