Where is It?

  • Where the hell is the button to read My posts, Unread posts, New posts, etc? It was in the top right and it was a drop down menu. That was literally the only way I and other people navigated the forum and now it’s gone. So I have to manually search each thread, so much fun.

    EDIT: Also where are the italic and Bold and those other buttons for when you make a post? So I have to manually input all of that BBCode when before it was just the click of a button? Great.

  • You have to click on My profile now and then find latest posts. I guess the functionality is a work in progress. The base update is fine, just needs some love before it will catch up on the functionality of the last forum. I doubt it will ever match the functionality of the first forum though.

  • I know there’s work that needs doing, but this is always the case when changing to a new forum ( which in itself is beyond our control). We’re working on making vbulletin functionality as close to phpbb as possible. If there’s specific requests like this then we’ll take them onboard much as we are able. thanks

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