Game launch brings me to torn banner website

  • hey everyone just wondering how to actually play this game
    whenever I press play deadliest warrior from the chivalry (medeival/deadliest warrior) menu it simply brings me straight to the torn banner website
    sorry if this is a stupid question please help me :)

  • Deadliest Warrior is to be played on Steam , my guess is those are video buttons of some kind of demo’s.
    If this is not of use perhaps the resident lemon might be along shortly :)

  • This happens when you launch the Beta and click on deadliest warrior as currently there is no beta build of deadliest warrior.

  • The same is true with beta chiv at the moment. It totally crashes.

  • hey marky, instead of clicking the beta version to start, just click the chivalry medieval warfare and then there will be a menu to choose between the two

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