AOCLTS-Dawn_P - first Modieval Warfare map!!!

  • Hello all, it is time I interrupt your slaying to show you my hopefully interesting work of chivalry. :D

    This is the first map made by the chiv-mod team Modieval Warfare

    A battallion of Mason soldiers have discovered a valley abundant in timber, fresh water… And an Agathian village…
    Will you aid the Mason Order in their attempts to capture the valley, or will you help the Agathians drive back the Masons?
    By the Modieval Warfare mod team.

    will be on workshop soon.


    Sorry, the img tag didn’t do anything in the first post

  • Hey, Not trying to come off harsh or anything, but you can edit your post using the ‘Edit post’ button at the bottom of the post.
    Also, in Imgur you can select the BBCode for the image imbedding.

    Anyway, could you upload some more pictures because the bloom on that image you linked was very intense and i honestly have no idea what i am looking at…
    also, could you possibly add a top down shot so we could see the layout? :)

  • Do the trees have collision? When I created a forest using foliage tool, players could walk through the trees and I had to replace all the trees manually.

  • oh pebble, wonder if this map will be better than the last one! looking foward to see the new map

  • Just wanted to say that this map looks beautiful.
    Perhaps, if they manage to optimize the game for larger battles, this would make a perfect battleground for great medieval warfare in a foggy dawn!

  • I cannot see the forest because of the trees…… ;-p

  • How’s the map coming along?

  • Good job ! ! ! Apears to be a potentialy nice map to play on ! I like the forest and the morning foggy dawn you put in !

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