Can't see any servers

  • About 2 days ago, after the strange patch that seemed to cause every server to have INCREDIBLY high ping times (I’m talking 300-500 ping for everyone on the server), I have been experiencing a problem that is preventing me from playing.

    Namely, I cannot see ANY servers in the browser. I refresh it any number of times, nothing ever appears.

    I have validated my Steam cache, twice. The second time, it claimed to have re-downloaded 1 file. I loaded the game, went the server browser. It showed a SINGLE server. I believe it was the KOTH server. That’s it. I refreshed to try and get more servers; nothing. Not even the KOTH server came back.

    I have searched issues similar to this and found that there is some kind of “alternate server browser” that was recommended. I downloaded the file, and tried to run it. Doesn’t work. Reinstalled and updated my Java just to be sure. The .jar file for the Alternate browser does nothing for me. It launches an instance of Java in my Task Manager, but never actually does anything. Even as I type this, it’s been running for over 30 minutes without doing anything.

    Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the whole game to fix this?

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