How to increase your FPS

  • It is a known issue in most of old computer or laptops that are not using a powerful graphic card, your FPS drop under 30 or even under 20 when
    the game has more than X players or even in some maps it is always really bad.

    Minimum/suggested requirements are:

    • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz/Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz
    • RAM: 1GB/2GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 205/GeForce 7800 GTX
      ATI Radeon HD 6290/ ATI Radeon X800 XL

    Well I play on a laptop:

    • CPU: i3 core 2.3 GHz
    • RAM: 3 GB
    • GPU: ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5400

    If you want to check your specs go here
    there is an option to introduce your Specs and see if they would performe well with Chivalry.

    The first time I played the game my FPS were between 8 and 25 maximum, even with low number of players. I would say that with 20 FPS you can
    more or less play and you need around 30 to play it smoothly. I will give some tips I used to increase from those 8-25 FPS to 20-50 FPS without changing any hardware. Some of the tips are quite obvious but maybe some can help you:

    1. Game settings
    Set all your video settings at low and deactivate everything you can (False in this game). The lower the resolution you play with the better FPS, 800x600 mean a bast difference in my experience going lower than that does not provide much boost.
    Go to My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini and search for MinCompressedDurationGame set the value to 3.

    There is not much to do here, probably all of you already have the graphs on low, the other change might provide a better performance in some cases.

    2. Graphic Card drivers and settings

    Upgrade your graphic cards drivers. If you don’t know which graphic card you have use download Z-GPU.
    This is probably the most important step as it will substantially increase your graphic card performance.
    Most drivers and Z-GPU are in this link
    You can also check the distributors websites: NVIDIA ATI

    Normally with the new drivers you will adquire some software that allow you to make some changes on the graphic card configuration.
    The AMD Catalyst for ATI cards and the NVIDIA ForceWare allow you to set your graphic card to prioritize performance over graphic quality.
    With those changes you can get a 100-150% boost on your performance depending on the case.

    3. Windows and Computer maintenance

    Not only the graphic card is important, the status of your CPU, hardrive and the whole computer in general is important and will affect your FPS.
    It is not a major change but it always helps.

    • Try to always have free space on your hard drive, don’t have it almost full.

    • Have your computer clean and protected from viruses.

    • For computer maintenance, download Advanced System Care 5 and execute a full analysis. It will probably recommend you to defragment the hard drive and will clean the windows register. You can also use RegClean or CCleaner for the register, but in my opinion ASC5 is more than fine for everything and it will also provide some booster (next point).

    • If you are using a laptop make sure that your energy options (right click on the battery icon) i set to High performance.

    • Reduce windows RAM consumption: Go to Control Panel -> System and Secutiry -> System -> Advanced Settings -> Advanced options tab -> click on settings button on performance -> Adjust to obtain the best performance.

    4. Game boosters

    Game boosters are tools that reduce the activity of the background tasks to increase your computer performance while you are playing. ASC5 contains a game booster itself so you don’t really need to download another one. You can also use the ASC5 tool called smart RAM which will optimize your RAM usage.

    5. Overclocking

    Most of graphic card distributors limit their graphic card performance in order to have a security margin. Overclocking a graphic cards means to reconfigure that card to reach its limits or at least to perform over the distributors idea.

    This might be dangerous for the graphic card as with better performance it will get higher temperatures. I do not recommend this for laptops as they already have refrigeration problems but it can be done.

    There are many guides and software to overclock graphic cards, I won’t explain it here because it’s a whole world but you can just try searching your graphic card on google and how to overclock it.

    6. Refrigeration

    This is a major problem mainly when playing on laptops, so I will give a few tips on that. Refrigeration won’t give you a boost on FPS but it will maintain your performance over time. There are many ways to cool your laptop (On my former laptop I used to put ice under it). The most common are:

    • Buy a refrigeration platform with some cooling fans, it is quite cheap and it works really well.
    • Configure the speed fan of your computer: Speedfan works for almost every computer, there is other software for specific brands.
    • If you are using a desktop CPU you can try opening the carcass and even cooling it from an external FAN.
    • The best one: play with the windows open on winter :)

    Most of your boos on FPS will come from the drivers and overclocking (and better refrigeration if you have problems with overheating). The rest may help a little bit but it cost you a few time and I think it’s worth it.

    Good luck to everyone and I accept any more tips you want to add here!

  • the min specs on that website are wrong (as stated by the developers), I can’t find them right now but they are higher than the recommended ones that are on that site

  • Nooby question. What are the graphic options that are more hardware demanding in this game and which of them don’t alter much?

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