Server crashes on high utilization

  • Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Currently I host a number of servers that have 32 player slots. It seems that every time one of my server processes is heavily utilized for more than 2 hours at a time it will inevitably crash. Yesterday one of my servers had between 25-32 players on for more than four hours and then the process crashed. Has anyone else been experiencing this as well? My two popular listings are my team deathmatch listing and the team objective listing and they both have been experiencing similar behaviors. I have noticed this behavior on an older server as well as a brand new server that was just recently purchased within the last month.

  • Do you rent those servers directly or host them on a rented server? If you rent them direcly, you should talk to the support of the hoster.

  • I own the server hardware and host the game servers myself. This means I am the “host support” :). I’m just wanting to know if other people have problems keeping their servers up for long periods of time. My TD server was just at near full capacity for 6 hours yesterday before the process crashed on me. My Team Objective server doesn’t seem to make it past 1 hour of high utilization without crashing. As I said before this problem has existed with a 3-year old server and the brand new one I just built. Thanks!

  • I have the same problem. UDK.exe constantly crashes everyday when 16 or more people are playing on my server. But CDW.exe(Deadliest Warrior) is running stably in the same hardware.
    I’d like to know how to run the MW server for a long period of time.

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