@Graphics card works for MW but not the DLC?

  • Right, so I purchased this game yesterday. Everything seemed fine while playing Medieval Warfare. It automatically runs using my graphics card (NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670M) through steam.

    I decided to play the DLC expansion around 20 minutes after… Only it appears it completely ignores my graphics card and uses the integrated card and well, barely runs at 5fps as expected.

    Has anyone had similar problems or is there a fix?


  • I thought there was an option someone in the nvidia control panel to set the primary card. However assuming you’re not actually using the integrated card for anything, disabling it in device manager would work?

  • It’s an Nvidia Optimus system, I would guess. Disabling the integrated graphics card would wreck his battery life.
    He’ll probably need to run the Nvidia software and manually specify which mode his game should run at. This might require browsing for and selecting CDW.exe in the control panel.


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