[CDW] Lopt's bug list

  • Hey Devs,

    I will post a list of bugs which I have found.

    [Technical bugs]

    • Autobalance:
      Sometimes the autobalance doesn’t work right. For example the autobalance switched me in the other team while I was holding the banner in ‘Hold the Banner’ or sometimes it switchs me when I am on the 1st place and near winning the map etc.

    • Experience-System:
      The Bonus EXP for surviving a round + 200 or winning the map +500 isn’t added to your overall exp at the overview screen when the map ends. The bonus exp will add on the end of the next map to you. I don’t know if this is only a display error or the bonus exp isn’t added to you.

    [cosmetic bugs]

    • Sometimes if a player is switched by autobalance in another team, he has a wrong class icon on scoreboard as you can see in the screenshot:


    (look at viking team , there is a samurai icon instead of viking)

    • Different spelling of ‘favorite’:


    As you can see in the screenshot, the word ‘favorite’ is inconsistent

    • If you choose the sword as secondary weapon for the knight, you can’t see the sword. He only carries one sword instead of 2 (if you pick a sword as 1st and 2nd weapon).

  • Lol this is what happens when you get Canadians and Americans working together they spell things differently.

    Speaking of spelling despite people in the alpha saying that samurais and ninjas isn’t really correct they kept it anyway. Should just be samurai and ninja.

  • If we’re gonna have a buglist for CDW, I just wanna add that:
    -Viking attack actions stack. For example, if your combo is interrupted by a hit, and you press the attack button during the flinch, the attack will stack and trigger as soon as the flinch is over. No other classes do this, and it’s really getting on my nerves.
    -Ninjas still can’t kick properly with Bo Staff equipped. This also applies to Knights, but at least their animations are quick enough to manage a follow up strike.Can’t think of any other combat bugs, tbh.

  • Update:

    [Beauty issues]:

    • The announcer always says magenta team, but the text displays pink.

    • If you wear greaves as Spartan you can’t see them in 1st person if you kick or look down while running.

  • [Technical bugs]

    • If you use the catapult for a while, the system will kill you for idling.

  • [Technical bugs]

    *As a pirate you can’t kick when you hold the pistol or rifle

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