Jump in stats - why

  • Is there a sale on? Black Friday?

    Steam stats just doubled to 5,600 concurrent. Did Spike TV advertise the game?

  • recent Steam sale

  • 75% of chivalry for 48 hours and I think it was 25% off deadliest warrior as well.

    And torn banner decided to make all new players rank 5 instead of rank 0 for god knows why. There’s no logical reason for it.

  • The reason is very logical also new blood on the battlefields how exciting.

  • It’s kinda hilarious at first. But then you realize that it’s not free weekend and all those new players are here to stay.

    (Not a bad thing on it’s own, but I do wish they rank up a bit as soon as possible because now it’s just the same as fighting bots)

  • @loin:

    The reason is very logical

    I definitely like the influx of new players, but if I may ask, what is the reason for the rank-5 start? Could you explain it?

  • Soooo many rookie level 5’s on my servers.

    It’s like killing bots, except with more TKs and suggestions by more veteran members to fix issues by pressing F10….

  • I doubt rank 5 start is intended. I got a screenshot from the other day that is now on my old HDD of an entire server being reduced to rank 0-5 and it stuck for a few rounds or so.

  • yeah I had noobs raging all night last night claiming that I couldnt be that good without cheating. Um level 50 vs level 5 but I still died a shit ton thanks to the bubble and other flaws in the game. I did go like 48 and 7 one round in FFA. It was fun

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