Screen pixilates and blanks

  • While playing the screen randomly pixilates, much like a digital satellite television signal that is lost. The screen then blanks as the video apparently resynchronizes.

    I have tried the frame rate and other fixes already posted.

    Additionally, I have disabled NVidia 3D vision and enabled enabled it. The same problem exists either way.
    The BenQ monitor is actually 120MHz by default. I see directx diag shows it as 60Hz but as running at 120Hz. I suppose it shows that way for all games and I have no issues with any other game.

    By the way none of the tools allow me to attach the the Launch.log or the DXDiag text files and the message is too long if they are pasted into the document. Print screening them and adding them would be impractical because it would be multiple pages of image files resulting in silly file size. I do not have a web site to publish them to.

  • That’s a strange issue. I would say its a screen tearing issue but you said the screen blanks so that’s thrown me. With screen tearing you just turn on V-Sync in the graphics setting. It happens when your FPS is higher than your screen refresh rate.

    It could still be a V-sync problem with it being on and not working properly but I doubt it. If it is on you can try turning it off.

  • Lemonater47 - Thank you for the response,
    I had already tried turning off the vertical synchronization. I decided to do a clean installation of the latest video drivers. Previously I simply updated them. I used NVidias clean installation option to ensure any lingering ghosts would be removed. After doing that I played the game for about one hour and experienced no screen pixilization, and blanking issue. It was not a particularly long test, however, previously I do not believe I ever went that long without an issue. A clean driver reinstallation may have resolved some issue.

  • Vertical sync isn’t on. I turned it off - I replied once before but not sure it posted. I thought the issue had left with a clean drive installation. It had not. I still get screen pixilation with freeze followed by blanking and then it works again for a bit -same problem described earlier. This is the only game that does it. Every other game runs well from turn based to games like Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty… everything else plays fine.

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