Rank and weapons progress

  • im stuck at rank 5, all kills are reset when i start a new game!

  • Yup, same here. This seems to be an old and well known bug, I find topics regarding this going way back to 2012!
    This is my first and last game by Torn Banner Studios, that’s for sure!

  • I have the same problem. I sendt a mail to devs like a week ago. No answer. Tried to post it on forum. And they didn’t allow my post trough.
    I’ve seen alot of posts on this around the forum. But they wont answer. Sometimes they do answer on the post. But they do not say anything about the bug. The rather answer some random guy saying something which has nothing to do with the bug. I feel like I’ve wasted money on a game where i have no chance of progressing. I wish they could reply to me and show me that they are actually taking this into consideration

  • the same is happening to me I just wish they fix the bug because I think it is a fun enjoyable game but not when I cant unlock the next weapon or level up

  • i dont know. they are bringing out patches, but none of them are fixing this damn bug. i cant believe that they cant focus on this matter….

  • same freaking problem here :( also bought thru steam on sale.
    I tried start my steam account on my friend PC (He got all weapons for nothing, also veterans helmet).
    I login on his comp and I got all helmet achievmens on steam, just when I loged on his PC. I was play some match (I had his colors on solidiers but my name)

    Anyway I hoped when I come home I will have also all guns unlocked (cose I get all veterans helmets - thats available only if you unlock all guns.) But no, ok now I have all veterans helmet but my weapons are still locked, like before.

    WTF should be this mess???

  • Trust me, there are countless people with this bug. And yes, it’s been around since release, yes, many people have the bug and no, there is currently no PROVEN fix for this.
    The bug has a lot of different versions though, so the details are different for everyone.

    All I can think of that might help you is to set the server filter to only allow VAC secured servers through.
    Servers that aren’t do not progress rank or weapon unlocks and it’s possible this was the cause for you all along(albeit unlikely).

  • Thy fix it they break it they fix it they break it.

    I mean it was largely working before the steam sale. But then for some dumb reason they decided to change how ranks worked. Making everyone start at rank 5 instead of rank 0.

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