Questions before I buy

  • Please and thank you.

    Seriously considering picking up this game now that I have a rig that could handle it. But I need to know:
    Is the DLC worth it? If I don’t have it, can I still play versus people who do? And vice versa?
    And if not, perhaps more importantly, do more people play the base game or the DLC? (IE, if I buy the game without DLC, will I have a hard time finding matches?)

    Also, is this game pay-to-win? I mean, I don’t want to buy it only to find out it has lame in-game purchases like unique weapons or defense boosts or something like that. I think on an online competitive game, especially a PAID one, everyone should have equal access to the same resources. This would really make me reconsider if it does. =/

  • Hello IAmTheTot,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Is the DLC worth it? Of course. The DLC is the expansion Deadliest Warrior, which is like it’s own side game.

    You can find more about it here

    Since it is it’s own side game, playing that is different from playing the base game. So if you play the base game, you’ll only play against those playing that and same thing applies to Deadliest Warrior. As for who plays more? I’m going to have to say the base game, due to the fact that you need it to play the expansion and that the expansion hasn’t been out for too long. However, I’m sure over time, there’ll be a shift. There isn’t a need to worry though because there are lots of servers in both games, so picking either one will ensure that there is always a match for you. Although, both are two different experiences so it wouldn’t be good to miss out on either one.

    This game in no way, shape, or form is pay to win. The only thing you CAN pay for is cosmetic things like helmets. They do not affect how you play the game. You can never pay money to gain the advantage over another player and/or team.

    So with that said, if you’re looking for a fun, bloody, all out warfare that you can have fun with and get some good laughs out of, then I recommend Chivalry and the expansion for sure. Hopefully that helps with your decision. :)

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