"Mad" Jack Churchill scenario [concept]

  • I’m not sure how many of you know this, but there was a British soldier in the Second World War that used a Scottish Claymore and a bow and arrows to fight off the German forces. He fought in a Commando unit. And before engaging into battle, he would march towards playing his bagpipe. He was a formidable soldier, proof being he made it out of the war alive with medieval weaponry.

    But still, the guy was a nutcase. He is what you would call a fanatic. When the war ended, he was deeply sorry that the Americans got involved and it didn’t last a decade, “then we could have shown those Germans who we really are”.

    Aaanyway, here’s what I was thinking. Some sort of a single player map scenario, an objective type mode, if that is possible within the game, where a vanguard equipped with a, well, Claymore, and a bow, must capture a German defense post. This could happen in many locations, as he took part in many covert ops. You could use the Normandy invasion, for example, a few days before D-Day, in a stormy night, he must sneak into a German post or redoubt to capture some documents regarding shifts, or orders, or something. But that is just one case. He took part in numerous operations in Norway, Sicily, Yugoslavia et caetera. German soldiers would be bots, and maybe so would be his squad members. Better yet, his fellow squad members could be human players, turning it to multiplayer action. I know the tricky part is programming the machine-gun firing AI Germans, I don’t know how tricky for I do not have programming skills, or if they can be imported from other UDK games.

    I thought this would be great for a scenario, what do you think?

  • It could be a mod in the future who knows. I watched a movie called Jack London out in 1943.

  • Here is the Wikipedia article for those who want to know more about the historic character.


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