No custom colors in duel mode

  • I was just wondering, is the lack of custom colors in duel mode a problem on my side or is it something that happens to other people as well?

    All my enemies are plain grey-white with the standard models and decorations, and so is my character. I know quite well how to use the non-team colors by selecting them via the button between the team buttons in the customization menu, and I am sure at least some of my enemies know this, too. It works fine for FFA, but for some reason, not in duel mode?

    At least I found a small, partial work-around: When I open the customization menu while I am already on the server, I´ll have my custom colors next spawn - or, at least, I will be able to see them; I am not sure my opponents are able to as well. And it has to be done again each time the map changes.
    At least it helps to ease my own character´s blandness, but fighting plain white-grey enemies all the time is just so… dull :( However, if something as simple as opening the menu can apparently fix this issue for me, why is it so hard to fix it for everyone?

  • Been like this for a while. The customization menu trick works properly, and other people can see your colours as well. Not sure how this seemingly simple bug has continued to slip through the cracks, but there ya go.

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