Key bindings for GAMEPAD

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    Today i discovered that Chivalry supports gamepads. Even if im a lot more of a mouse player i can still play this multiplayer fps with gamepad quite nicely. In close combat its 1 on 1 with mouse. With ranged weapons its a bit more difficult but i managed to do pretty ok with bow and gamepad. Its worth a try if you care more about comfort over score. I tried quite some number of key bindings and finally i think i can say its 100%. It should work with all classes.

    Here it is:

    X/1 - primary weapon, secondary w., accept duel, spectator free cam, vote yes
    A/2 - jump , spectate next, vote no, deny duel
    B/3 - always deny duel, play battlecry
    Y/4 - overhead attack (secondary attack)

    Right trigger - aim, kick (shove)
    Left trigger - zoom, crouch, one button dodge**

    LT - parry, cancel attack, quick throw (for pirate´s rum:)
    RT - attack
    LB - sprint, use, alternative attack
    RB - throw , thrust (tertiary attack)´*

    *(when you have equiped spear you cant use thrust attack)
    **in ored to work, throw must be binded in left column and thrust in right
    (same comes for dodge and crouch)

    one button dodge is set ON, trigger sprint OFF

    up, down, left, right - here you can bind for example class/team switch or camera change

    from default the BACK button is binded for score menu and START button for menu

  • Glad to see fellow gamepad users! Your setup is a whole lot different than mine, but I like it and I think this setup would be more appealing to people than my setup.

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