The damn timer in duel mode

  • Why is it even here, I must ask?
    I’ve experienced a number of times when having some really good fights that the timer decides that me and my opponent have fought enough. We have not! Our duel isn’t finished until one of us loses.

    Can this timer be changed with a server setting? Can you remove it altogether?
    (I guess I should complain about the timer in MW Duel mode as well.)

    I can see why a timer of sorts is needed at endgame, but there’s no reason for it to exist when fighting 95% of the time.
    Please clear things up for me regarding this matter, and if you’d be so kind to remove the timer in an upcoming patch, I and many others would immensely appreciate it!

  • +1, would like to see this made into an option.

  • That’s why ffa duel is still superior.

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