Group TO Mapping project

  • Hello Everyone and welcome to this thread discussing a rather experimental idea of a group mapping project.

    So the plan is to get a few of chivalry’s best mappers and build a TO map worthy of something TB makes and make it good enough so that people hear about it and want to play on it.

    This project is just in the ideas stage, but I was thinking that since from a technical standpoint we can only really have one person working on the map at once, but then again you can copy/paste sets of items/export map chunks. so what we could do is assign one person to base layout, export that and then get people to work on the stages separately (Although we would want to keep continuity so this would have to be heavily moderated) Then we can just import the stages and add the Kismet stuff in.

    We can also get some custom assets in this map, I am an unemployed artist at the moment, so I can give my modeling/texturing skills to the project so we can really spice this up and make it a truly custom map.

    So There have been a few ideas floating between Dr. Zob and myself, but i think it would be awesome to get a large pool of cool Team Objective map ideas together.

    So heres one of my ideas to start off
    (This is generally what will happen, not the objectives)

    Really rough swamp idea

    Start in a Swamp after arriving on a boarding ship. You must offload the siege weapons and fight off the inital wave of Agatha knights and such.

    Make way through swamp to a small outpost, take control of it

    Continue pushing siege weapons forward/Setup Trebuchet

    Destroy Agatha wall and storm their keep

    Raise Mason banners in 3 places

    Be Champions

    Now that was a really rough idea, but you get the gist of things. So if anyone else has ideas for a TO map, post here. If you think you have the skills required to help, Reply! I want Chiv to have some cool new maps worth playing on. Like, people will see the maps and go ‘I must play on custom servers now!’

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