All servers have 0 players and attempting to join a server says "Loading" forever

  • Hey Guys,

    I was in the middle of a game earlier and received an “authentication failed” or “validation failed” message or something similar. I cannot remember exactly what it said. I thought the servers were taking a dive. I reloaded the server list only to find very few people on and any attempt to join a server just said “joining” or “loading” forever. I read that the authentication message can mean that it is a VAC ban. I don’t understand this as I am not a hacker of any sort. Are the servers experiencing issues or is this an isolated incident? I have gone by the name Gekkonidae, but more recently [DΣ] Pantheon.

    I’ve attached 2 log files around when the incident occurred.

    Please help me because I want to play again!


  • Happening to all of us, not sure what’s going on. You’d think that if it was official server maintenance stuff TBS would’ve posted an update of sorts. Probably the worst thing to happen after a big sale too.

  • I was gonna post the same thread a few minutes ago. It seems like they’d at least announce what’s going on after this amount of time.

  • Happened after steam installed an update for me.

  • I have had the same problem.

  • Yes, I can not login as well. I found a server with some 15 players showing, but was unable to join it. Other servers I tried showed 0 players and were not joinable as well. At this point, some words by torn banner would be helpfull.

  • I have the same thing happening to me

  • Same thing.

  • I can see the servers now, but “time out” every time I try to connect. Is this a game-wide issue or something on my side is the question.


  • What a tease, worked for 1 map, then logged out to do some customization, now no servers again… jeeeesh…


  • Seems they’re all workin now, cool beans. Was hoping they were quickly switching over to a better server provider though haha.

  • confirmed. All good now. Thanks everyone, I knew I wasn’t crazy.

    Also, Kimiko. I dunno how long you plan to have your custom map server up (yay! I saw that it was back!) but there are some really legit maps in the workshop, and I will laud your server with great frequency should you keep this around! For east coasters, this is the best custom map server around.

  • It was a short steam issue which mucked up all the servers. And chivalry relies on steam.

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