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  • First Post for me ever! So if this thread is found in the wrong section I apologize.

    I was curious what players of AoC and CMW would say about a Roman Expansion for the game. At first, the idea seemed awesome to me, but looking at the period, I am not sure if there would be much enthusiasm for it.

    I can see the classes happening for the Romans as Ranged Auxilia, Melee Auxilia, Gladiator, and Legionary. The weapon choice leaves me wondering however, due to the Romans rather bland battlefield selection. Where Gladiator might be the only way to have true weapon diversity.

    In addition, the opposing team would have to be a specific alternative to the Romans. I was thinking Greece, Carthage, Barbarian (Gaul or German). Carthage would probably be the ideal candidate since, they fought not only in Africa but brought the fight all the way to Italy.

    So what do you guys think, I am very interested in your opinions. Cheers!

  • I’m up for anything to do with Romans. I was begging for CDW to have Romans, so I could see a team of Romans vs Spartans. But alas, it was only a dream. You should totally mod it :encouragement:

  • If you are gonna have Carthage you would have to have the Polybian army instead of the post Marian army. So the 4 classes of Romans would be Velites, Hastati, Principes and Triarii. The start dates of the 3 Punic wars were off the top of my head 260BC, 219BC and 149BC. Close enough to those dates anyway if I’m wrong. The Marian reforms came around in 10X BC. Again don’t quite know. And it took a while to reform from the 3 melee infantry types to one melee infantry type based on the Principes. Even then the lorica segmentata the stereotypical armour the Romans wore wasn’t used until about 9BC first user in a proper battle against the Germans in retaliation about tuetoburg forest where 3 entire legions dissapeared with a handful of survivors that reached the camp they were headed to. So small they were thought to be a patrol. 3 legions down to a patrol. Tuetoburg forest happened in 9BC and no Lorica segmentata were found at the site which makes sense as they were deployed to the edge of their territory. The retaliating force however had it. Even then much of the army wore chainmail armour sometimes with leather over the top. Some roman soldiers even had trousers for winter. So all of ceasers legions had chainmail armour and they also wore the bronze legionary helmet not the later usually steel one with ear guards and neck guards. The later helmet had space around the ears so soldiers could hear orders but it had thick bits of steel sticking out protecting the ears still. It also had a neck and shoulder guard so when the soldier cringed after failing to block an overhead this guard would touch his shoulders and mean he wouldn’t die.

    Also I don’t think having a gladiator in there is a good idea you could have a light chainmail legionary an a heavy evocati legionary. Also balance wise a post Marian army would be OP. As in real life they were overpowered. Just their greatest strength could be their greatest weakness at the same time.

    Carthage Vs rome however, with a polybian army. That could be balanced.

    Velites were javelin skirmishes. But with the ability to take off the wolf hat you could give them bows and slings as many Italian allies used them and fought. These men had no armour. A gladius and Iberian espasa which was popular with the Romans for a short time would have been used.

    Hastati were the light infantry and were the recruits of the army. They wore a variety of small plate armour often with two strings attached to another plate so he could have one on his back too. They had the large scutum shield that was almost rectangular. It was often curved at the edges as well as curved inwards. There were two gladiuses (gladii?) used in the Punic wars. A Hispanic gladius inspired by Iberian weapons which was slightly curved inwards in the middle and the Pompeii gladius which was the standard straight edged gladius. All roman swords had a more or less large trianglular point. And you could give them the espasa too as a weapon if you want. Also two types of pila. The heavy pila and light pila. They could either have one heavy pila or two light pila. They could have access to a smaller shield many other Italian cities use including old enemies like the Samnites and Etruscan league. Many of the Italian allies fulfilled a hastati role with this smaller shield.

    The Principes were veterans though you could pay your way into the Principes. They had chainmail armour which was is very good against arrows and some even had leather over their chainmail though that was more common later in history in northern barbarian lands. The Principes could have acces to larger swords namely the spatha. There were two kinds of spatha an infantry spatha and cavalry spatha. The cavalry spatha had a rounded tip instead of a point to stop the rider stabbing his foot or his horse and it was usually a tad longer than the infantry spatha. The spatha was larger than a gladius and could be up To a metre long. It actually replaced the gladius as the standard sword in 100 AD but was used long before. It was based off the Celtic longsword. So 4 swords and the heavy pila only.

    The Triarii were the elite or very rich soldiers in the army and they were armed with a 6-7 foot spear (Hasta) and they used it exclusively underarm. Underarm makes it a bit harder to aim with but you can hit people from head to toe with more range than hoplite overarm. Overarm its easier to aim but can’t hit at their legs and the range is shorter. Though hoplites used a mixture of attacks but held the spear mostly in the center. The Triarii had no Pilum a spear and as a secondary a sword which for the Triarii could be any sword he fancied the look of. They used enemy swords at times becuase they get first pickings of the loot as thy often don’t get involved in fights and when they do they use their spears. But we can keep it roman and give them the two gladii and two spathas (spathae?). Also you can give them a bunch of spears.they used all sorts of spears and they just called it a hasta. Some had broadheads and others were thin. And on top of the usual scutum shield they could also have a large round shield again used by other Italian allies the richer ones. A large round shield similar to the hoplon in size was also used by early Triarii. They had a variety of large breastplates or chainmail armour.

    Also contrary to popular belief most pila didn’t bend on impact. Especially not in this period. They had enough good qualities to make them very useful against shields and people that they didn’t need to bend. And it made them useless to the Romans too after the battle.

    The Carthaginian army wasn’t made up of Carthaginians. They had an empire larger than rome.

    The Bealeric slinger would be the perfect option. They also had skirmishers and archers and were later used by the Romans as they were brilliant slingers. Carthage usually got skirmishers from Numidia and archers from Crete. But they didn’t fill other roles at all really. They could have a superior sling to the Romans but their javelin wouldn’t be as good as the Pilum. There was an Iberian solid iron heavy javelin they could use as well. And a bow if course. The falcata and espasa would have been used by them.

    The Iberian. They come from Spain and are less barbaric than the celts that also lived in Spain. They often had armour similar to the roman hastati that was fastened on with leather straps. They would of had a small round shield and large rectangle shield with curved edges. The scutarii is what these Iberians were called. They had spears and also threw javelins like the romans did. They would have used a falcata, espasa and Celtic longsword. They would have throw a standard javelin or a solid iron one and had a spear to use for melee again underam.

    The Libyan. They copied the Romans chainmail armour for their heavy infantry. They had swords similar to the Greek xiphos. They had the falcata which was almost the standard Carthaginian sword made in Iberia. The takoba is a north African sword that is straight edged and it could be 2 and a half to 3 and a half feet long. They had a variety of shields they used. A small round shield, hoplon or even a copy of the roman scutum. They also threw javelins before running in.

    Carthaginian hoplites wore a linothorax as were equipped pretty much the same as a Greek hoptlite. A hoplon shield with a spear and the same swords as a Libyan swordsman. It would also be cool to have an oval shield with some throwing spears. They also copied the actual shield as well and became similar to the Triarii.

    Rome against Carthage can be balanced. Problem is making maps for battles. As most land battles were open fields with many tens of thousands of men.

  • Holy fuck Lemonator. Anyway, if this was to be made it should be modeled after Spartacus man. Let’s get the Undefeated Gaul, The Beast of Carthage, and of course that god damn Thracian Dog Spartacus in there as leaders of one army, then we can have Glabur and all the other dicks on the Roman side, plus we can get Xerxes in here with persians cause fuck it, 300 time. We can get Snoop Dogg to voice act for Xerxes and shit. Anyone feelin me?

  • @Oy:

    Holy fuck Lemonator. Anyway, if this was to be made it should be modeled after Spartacus man. Let’s get the Undefeated Gaul, The Beast of Carthage, and of course that god damn Thracian Dog Spartacus in there as leaders of one army, then we can have Glabur and all the other dicks on the Roman side, plus we can get Xerxes in here with persians cause fuck it, 300 time. We can get Snoop Dogg to voice act for Xerxes and shit. Anyone feelin me?

    Forget my idea that’s the best game ever.

  • @Oy:

    We can get Snoop Dogg to voice act for Xerxes and shit. Anyone feelin me?

    Hahahahahahahahaha XD

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