Please devs take a moment and look into this!

  • I’m sick and tired of this bug which causes my kills needed for new weapon to just RESET after matches!.
    Now I’ve read alot around on the forum and on google aswell TRYING to find a fix.
    And I’ve tried everything. I’ve restarted steam, I’ve tried to play vs bots, changing class/team and I’m playing mostly on official servers but nothing helps!

    I’ve read that this issue has been reported even months ago and STILL NO FIX?
    I can’t understand why ya don’t prioritize this problem cause this makes the game boring and It has made me sure of that i will NOT purchase your deadliet warrior after all.

    This reminds me of some other games which is the same deal. You pay for it just to get screwed over. No progression in the game.
    Now i know i wont get a refund for this game. And i don’t want it as long as ya can look into this thread, read it and reply to it and I’ll know ya take action. If this problem is fixed I will play again. But for now I’m just tired.

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