Everyone runs at the same speed.

  • I’m not really sure why, but this makes a lot of the class choice…trivial.

    I mean knights, who can take a bunch of hits, run at the same speed as ninja, who can take very few.

    Seems like a huge flaw in design, and i know the original chivalry had movement speed differences by a lot.

  • Since the game is so sped up and the chase mechanic was buffed, running speed doesn’t have a prominent role as a balancing factor like it did in MW, but I was under the impressions that move speeds were still different. I’m sure a Knight can’t run the same speed as a Ninja, maybe just close.

  • Deadliest warrior also has the chase mechanic, much like the medieval warfare.

  • Movement speeds actually differ more than they did in Chivalry. Sprint speeds were tweaked to be relatively the same, which is not the case in Chivalry, where all classes had the same sprint modifier - in DW slower classes have higher sprint modifiers so they can keep up with and catch the light classes via the chase mechanic (sprinting at an enemy from behind makes your movement speed 20% higher). This only comes into play when you’ve been sprinting for 3 seconds straight, though, so there’s still a noteworthy speed difference in combat.

  • Yes I’ve noticed that the lighter classes are almost always at a dissadvantage in terms of basic movement.

    Knight has the same speed as a ninja, which makes the kind of “hectic” combat much more….boring.

    It’s really come into play when you think about the basic HP/armor balance of the game and the weapons.

    For instance Knight vs ninja isn’t usually a challenge for the knight. He has the same speed, same relative attack speed, and can tank-and-return most of the ninja hits due to them resisting interrupts more.


    I’m thinking this is a pretty big design flaw, given that it is not only untrue to history, but the gameplay suffers from this as well.

  • Yeah, I didn’t think they were the same. Like Ninja for example I’m sure accelerates into full speed sprint quicker than a Knight.

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