Chivalry: Powder Warfare [IDEA]

  • So I was playing mount and blade napoleonic wars. Regiments weren’t really doing anything much anymore at a time I could make so I’m stuck playing pub games which are super clunky that’s the limitations of the engine. But the unreal engine is built for first person shooters. So brilliant idea lets go all early 1800s and get some muskets, pistols and rifles firing at each other. I also just did a sharpe marathon got the DVD set. And for maximum flexibility you can continue on with the existing agatha VS mason story. Just say Danum argon was found or some shit. 550 years after the events of MW the agathian empire is in peril. People are unhappy parliament is divided. Prime minister Kearn is having trouble running the country and leader or the opposition Mr Terrowin is stirring up trouble and spreading revolutionary ideas to the masses who fully support him. Rebellion strikes. Parliament is in tatters with Terrowin on one side with the rebirth of the mason Order and Kearn and the inbred royal family still of the Argon bloodline who have gone slightly mad (as most royal families did by then). Agatha had experienced peace for ages so had to whip up an army and the mason army was made up of civilians who had to be trained and traitors from the existing Agathian army.

    You ou can have four classes. And call them a bunch of names. Partisan/Militia, Rifleman, Musketman/Line Infantry/Grenadier and Officer.

    Also since everyone has guns which take forever to reload this game would need to be brutal. Firearms do random damage between certain numbers depending on the weapon say a type of gun does 93-104 damage. When you shoot someone it would pick a random number in between the numbers and that damage would be for a weak gun. And you would probably make all of them including pistols do enough damage to be able to one shot body shot someone. And all guns would have the possibility of someone surviving the shot in the body. It would make things a bit easier to balance.

    And REALISTIC RELOADING ANIMATIONS. Your animator would probably be close to committing suicide having to individually animating each weapons reload animation. I’m thinking 12 firearms and 3 gunpowder siege weapons. Not like in DW where they skip an entire major step and do hardly any ramming. Also the reloading needs to continue more or less where it was interrupted from If it was interrupted. Gotta figure out how to do that. You could have a reload percentage and if it was interrupted it would start again from that percentage or another way.

    The classes. Each class will have 3 primaries.

    Since this rebellion started so fast there wasn’t enough time to make a full army. So a bunch of on hand civilians willing to fight for a variety of reasons are used.
    Old pistol. An age old pistol they managed to get their hands on. Untrained they hold it in two hands. Nothing really special about it. They carry a second one for a quick swap instead of having to reload.

    Handmade musket. This is what many did in Eastern Europe in 1600s though it wouldn’t be as common in the 1800s when guns are everywhere. Still it would have been done and it wasn’t hard to make your own ammunition. You had too really to fit your own barrel. They were inaccurate and he powder they put in would be varying in quality. But high speed lead still kills whatever gun fires it. The barrel was short to shorten reload time and less materials were needed.

    Blunderbuss. Yes loaded with shot this time it needs a proper reload animation. Many pellets come flying out and for balances sake it would need to do less damage per pellet.

    Meat cleaver. Because why not. Short range high damage. Butchering was never so good.

    Pike. Could be a makeshift pike or a proper pike. It will outrange any musket with bayonet and the sarrisa animations would be perfect for it.

    Nasty-Looking club. I don’t know what to call it but it needs to have nails and other pointy things to make it do more damage.

    Tertiary slot.
    Molotov cocktail. Light the fabric, throw the bottle and BURN BITCH BUUURRRRRRN.

    Improvised explosive. A cloth bag filled with gunpowder and a fuse. It doesn’t bounce at all but has a large High explosive radius. There is no shrapnel. Cloth isn’t particularly lethal when exploded.

    Pistol rounds (handmade musket only). Putting a smaller round down the barrel means far less ramming is needed. You only gotta ram the paper which you can do in one go. The paper is there to stop the round and the powder from falling out of the barrel. Way Faster reload time, less accuracy, slower muzzle velocity and a bit less damage.

    Improvised Ammunition (Blunderbuss only). Nails, spikes, forks, metal shards and other sharp hard things. Instead of the standard small ball pellets. Less spread, less things coming out of the barrel but more damage per thing.

    Ability. So you know in MW each class has some sort of ability. Well I don’t really have one for this class. I was thinking something like MAA dodge. Or Viking Berserk ability. Even ninja silent footsteps. I really don’t know.

    So this class is sort of a disrupter or shock troop. He can cause a right mess in enemy lines. Though he lacks a good ranged ability he can wreck havoc close up.

    Rifled guns are deadly accurate. Though riflemen carefully measure out how much powder from their cartridge they put in the pan which lengthens the reload time. Good for supporting other infantry when moving on enemy position pinning down enemies with sustained accurate fire. They also know who to aim at. Officers and NCOs. Once an army is headless its dead on its feet. Well I suppose anything that’s headless is dead on its feet.

    Baker rifle. The standard British rifle. The barrel wasn’t that long barrel being 30 inches though it took a while to reload still. It was very accurate. It was .653 calibre which for a rifle was a very large barrel and it fired a .637 carbine round. It could barely fire 3 rounds a minute and that’s under test conditions with someone working flat out. Though compared with other British made rifles it was fast. They previously imported Prussian jäger rifles which were the best rifles in the world at the time. Made in 1801.

    Ferguson rifle. Now this is kind of cheating. Only 100 were made in 1776. The guy who made it died while using It in the American revolution. It was a British rifle. But the first and only breach loaded flintlock rifle. It reloaded fast but malfunctioned lots. It was also inaccurate for a rifle. It had a .648 calibre barrel but fired .615 calibre ammunition. So fast reload less damage and less accuracy.

    Jäger rifle. These rifles were very accurate though there were a bunch of them in the late 1700s early 1800s. Barrels in between 28-35 inches and .58-.75 calibre. The smaller calibre rifles had a high muzzle velocity and were made to be used in combat with fast (for a rifle) reload speeds and the smaller calibre had a fast muzzle velocity. Lots of flexibility with this rifle. Whatever is good for balance.

    Sword bayonet. 24 inches and NOT attached to the rifle. Straight edged and used in melee by British riflemen.

    Sabre briquet. A small French sabre used by French infantry and officers. Use a small variant of this small sabre so ts only a tad longer than the sword bayonet.

    Club. Just a standard wooden club to boop people with.

    Tertiary slot:
    Improvised explosive. Yes again. What else are they gonna have.

    Knuckledusters. For the best results of a high five with a fist to the face.

    Improvised sights. Makes the gun slightly more accurate, easier to aim and all that jazz. Maybe a 0.1 second increase in aiming time.

    Fix bayonet (sword bayonet secondary only). Alright fine they can have a bayonet. If you push 1 with that ability and the sword bayonet he will attach it to his rifle. I know the baker rifle and some jäger rifles can have sword bayonets. But not the ferguson rifle that was invented before the invention of the sword bayonet. Maybe have the option locked if you equip a ferguson rifle.

    And for the ability the backstab bonus would be nice. Their melee weapons being short and not terribly damaging the 50% damage boost would be good.

    So the rifleman is a high damage ranged class that’s not too strong in melee and can be overwhelmed by any other class in melee.

    Muskteman/Line Infantry/Grenadier/Fusilier/I don’t know what to call him
    Whatever you decide to call him he is the bulk of both armies. Long musket with a bayonet on the end and an inaccurate but high damaging fast-ish reloading musket he deals the pain. The one who’s first over the walls.

    Brown Bess. Now the Brown Bess was the name given to all British muskets of the time and there were many Brown Bess patterns (variants) with very boring names. Though the one were will be using has a short name and is the India pattern the standard musket used more in the napoleonic wars than in India. Barrel was 39 inches long and the gun in total was 55 inches. It had a 0.75 calibre barrel. And could fire up to 4 rounds a minute in the right hands though it was usually 3.

    Marine Musket. Another Brown Bess musket really the sea service pattern variant. But marine musket sounds better. Again .75 calibre. The barrel was two inches shorter than the India pattern but the stock and everything remains the same length. It was easier to load but would be ever so slightly less accurate. You could probably get away with making the damage bracket less too.

    Charleville musket. Namely the 1777 variant of the Charleville, And the Musket Modèle 1777 corrigé an IX (1800) variant of the 1777 variant of the Charleville musket. The barrel was 44 inches and the total length was 59 inches and it was the most manufactured musket ever. Most manufactured weapon until 1915. There were 7 million of them. It was .69 calibre. But this model was very good in melee with its bayonet improvements and it could easily fire 3 rounds a minute. It being a lot longer than the other two muskets gives it an advantage in melee. Even though be fire rate and damage is slower. Also it was said to only be effective to 80 yards while the other muskets are effective at almost 100 yards so even with that longer barrel its more inaccurate. Or the fact that both muskets ranges were said to be what they are by people who were British instead of a Frenchman commenting on the range.

    Secondaries. (Choice of bayonet)

    Spike bayonet. Literally just a spike. It goes out from the barrel a tad then bends 90 degrees forward in front of the gun turning it into a useful stabbing weapon.

    Triangle bayonet. A French bayonet similar to the spike bayonet but a bit better at cutting and it bent less.

    Sword bayonet. Multipurpose bayonet than doubled as a melee weapon and utility knife. Though for gameplay purposes cannot be used by this class in melee. Just remove the hand guard bit to make it look like you can’t use it in melee. A great slashing bayonet.

    And you can fiddle with the length and stats to balance them. The 3 attacks would be swiping left to right with the bayonet using LMB. Stab can be comboed and be a low gut thrusts then and overhead thrust then back to a lower thrust. Two handed Spear stabs the over the top one and the low down one similar to that though two hands always remains gripped on the gun. But over and under are on the same scroll up attack they just change with combos/alt attacks. And the overhead would just be a big bash with the gun butt.

    You would just tap the 1 key (default primary weapon select key) to swap between melee and ranged modes. Maybe the V key too. Or G by default.

    Tertiary slot.

    Buck and ball shot. A standard musket ball with 3-4 small buckshot rounds in as well. Lower accuracy and lower muzzle velocity but you would completely destroy a single target.

    Fuse grenades. These are iron balls filled with gunpowder. They have a small explosion radius but the shrapnel goes far beyond the concussion radius. With this you can have a spherical explosion concussion radius and lots of straight line tracers that are say twice as long or so as the concussion radius. And those fragments randomly place themselves. And they are stopped by walls, ground and stuff. That’s one way of doing a grenade “Properly”.

    Entrenching tool. Namely a small shovel held in one hand. I want to see them rip this from their back and start bashing people and slicing others. It can be a blunt and piercing weapon with different attacks.

    Knuckledusters. Uber fists of pain again. Another thing I missed out earlier is they still can’t parry attacks. Fists are fists. They don’t make your arms any better at stopping swords.

    Ability would be more resistance to melee attacks. They are big trained brutes. Only extra resistance to melee attacks of various kinds. No class will have a resistance to bullets.

    So this is the all rounder class not bad at anything but doesn’t excel in anything. I want it to be the easy class so more people will play it. Though its skill ceiling isn’t as high as the other classes.

    The last class to explain. No leadership abilities, no tactical thinking, arrogant, entitled, cocky and no or little experience. And these are the ones they choose to lead men. Though many of them are good swordsmen and good shots with the pistol they usually haven’t killed a man in their life before they go to war. And being a good swordsman and good shot still didn’t make you a good leader. Anyway.


    Pistole. Flintlock Pistoles don’t really have names. So just a standard 11 inch pistol with a hexagon (to look different and yes some were hexagon shaped barrels on the outside) musket bore barrel. (And wouldn’t a hexagon barrel mean less AA)? Its flintlock like all the guns and goes bang when you pull the trigger. Put some decorative things on it as most officers pistols are custom made. There was no standard. You start off with two of these pistols one to change to quickly if you don’t want to reload.

    Overcoat pistol. 7 inches long fast to pull out and fast to reload. Just innaccurate. And a small amount of damage. It can still kill someone one shot in the body though very unlikely You carry 3 of these.

    Duelling pistol. 16 inches long not to be confused with the horse pistol that looks the same and is the same length. A duelling pistole will have little or no decoration but on the inside it was very well made. Deadly accurate with a high muzzle velocity. Took ages to reload for a pistol, longer to reload than a horse pistol. In a duel you didn’t have to reload it so its probably why. You have one of these.

    Sabre. The standard sword of officers in the navies and land armies. Fast and curved. Though not made with killing people efficiently in mind. It replaced the rapier in the late 1600s early 1700s as the main sword for duelling by officers. It could also be used for battle the rapier can’t its not at all useful. The sabre is great for fighting other swords as its fast though it prolonged fights. Though that was the idea.

    Cutlass. Not used just by pirates it just become their stable sword they didn’t make it. But yes officers in multiple armies and navies used the cutlass. Its more focused on killing people. Its actually a variation of the sabre.

    Broadsword. It become the sword of the highlanders and other northern regiments. Its the zweihander of 19th century one handed swords. Long, heavy and it kills people.

    Tertiary slot.

    Extra pistol. Like the name says you have one extra pistol than the default starting number of pistoles.

    Ambidextrous. Can have a pistol and sword in each hand pistol in your left and sword in your right. Press 3 to activate awesome mode. So same controls as usually to fight in melee but push the middle mouse button and he aims his pistol then LMB is now fire instead of slash sideways. Middle mouse to go back to normal again. Scroll up/down and it will perform that action as normal even while aiming. So you could be aiming but need to parry and you just push right click and he does so normally. So this mechanic stays smooth and isn’t clunky. Of course less accurate shots and you can’t reload while doing this. When you run out of pistols with ammo he just puts it away.

    Bugle. For Lols.

    Telescope. To see further. Team identification, see what class they are and see enemies that would otherwise be hidden. Also great when using siege equipment. But its more of a team thing than just for your own personal use.

    The officers ability? Duel welding pistols Of course. RMB to aim both pistoles LMB fires the one on the left and middle mouse fires the pistol on the right. You don’t need to aim to firing. Push 1 to activate duel pistols.

    So that’s all the classes I’ll just go over the siege weapons. But before that melee with rifles and the handmade musket without bayonets. They turn their gun upside down and swing it like a cricket bat. Using the butt as the business end holding it by the barrel. Push 1 to swap to melee mode.

    Big cannon. You have the ability to load this with standard shot which bounces along destroying all in its path (the movies make them explode for some reason) grape shot turns it into the biggest shotgun in the world for close ranged targets. And grenade shot fires a fuse grenade. Doesn’t go as far as the standard shot and doesn’t cause much damage on impact but when the fuse is no more then you get an explosion.

    Swivel gun. Easy and fast to load. Fire it then swivel it towards you to load. It can fire a smaller standard shot and a smaller grapeshot. Its just faster to load.

    Puckle gun. The puckle guns was over 200 years ahead of its time. It wasn’t until the mid 1940s after World War Two when there were revolvers using this technology. Pretty much this was mounted on a tripod and had 11 cylinders where cartridges would be loaded into. It had one 3 foot barrel and as it rotated it fired a shot. It was flintlock so misfires were often and as it was used more the more unreliable it got. The flint would have to be replaced after each battle. Though It was never used in battle. Its surprised many in a 1722 test where it fired 63 rounds in 7 minutes. In heavy rain and storm conditions. It would be able to fire far more than that in normal conditions. It was for ship board use though there were plans for land models on forts. It was to repel boarders and would have done a great job. Also it had round bullets for Christian enemies and square bullets for Muslim enemies. Square ones were said to be more painful in theory. Apparently it showed the Muslims the benefit of being Christian. Dead or even more dead. What a way to show them. The gun wasn’t mass produced because of idiots and it wasn’t terribly expensive to make either. Many weapons that would have helped the English were not mass produced mainly because people didn’t like to stray from convention.

    Also an Idea with blunt weapons. Headshots with blunt weapons and blunt attacks have a very large damage increase. But overall they have lower damage than swords and other sharp weapons. A bit of realism chucked in there.

    So that’s pretty much my Ideas for a new game similar to the napoleonic wars and based on them. Though using the fictional background is better in my opinion. There’s probably a million spelling and grammar mistakes but that’s iPhones for you. Maybe it can be torn banner’s next project. After they fix their current games of course.

  • You really think TBS is the proper company to develop a game like this?

  • @Oy:

    You really think TBS is the proper company to develop a game like this?

    All other developers games have bugs as well. Every game I’m playing the forums for the game is filled with people complaining about bugs and other bad decisions.

    And the melee system in chivalry is better than M&B and WOTR.

    Who else would do it?

  • Probably nobody. Bethesda? I dunno, I didn’t read your post. That shit is way too long.

  • @Oy:

    Probably nobody. Bethesda? I dunno, I didn’t read your post. That shit is way too long.

    Lol took a while to write.

    And elder scrolls combat is even worse than those other games. Also Bethesda also release buggy games. But its a singleplayer game so it doesn’t matter as much.

  • Gasp Lemonator!
    well done, it’s great to have wishes, but I think for now TB should focus on new content for MW.

    TB should put crows in the game!!!

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