Desperate for some help on sound issue

  • Some sounds have stopped working, including the start and stop sounds on the ram ( actually in the properties of the RAM actor ) also some sounds being played directly by a matinee. Other sounds play fine. I have also deleted everything in the map and kismet excluding the ram and ram kismet and it still doesn’t work.

    I removed all other sounds and all re-verb volumes - but it still happens.

    It doesn’t seem to be restricted to a class (I changed an offending sound from character to ambient and it still didn’t play)There dont seem to be any sound setting anywhere which could possibly effect this.

    I have used the kismet action SetSoundMode - to default and other values in case this setting was effecting volumes or some- no effect at all.These sounds were working at some point AND when i load stoneshill map, the ram sounds work then.

    any ideas please?

  • Developer

    I’m not sure the sounds in the ram properties work. I’m looking at SH and only the stop is setup there. SO that one may work, otherwise it looks like we have a separate matinee with the looping sound in there, to me it looks like that matinee is stopped and started from the check if players are in the volume kismet. I had our level designer set these up so I will call his attention to this issue too. Meanwhile, can I see a screenshot of your current best guess kismet setup for it? Can you see the setup in stoneshill kismet?

  • Well - i looked at the stoneshill kismet and it has changed since 2 days ago, i did answer yes to an update assets. definitely changed as i had an exact copy, visually exact to which i have worked with for hours so easy to spot the changes. I am guessing that the ram skeleton mesh changed with a normal game update as its part of the general upk updates and the kismet with the asset update. I had previously added the start sound into the ram properties and it had been working fine.I have a work around in my kismet now - which plays the sounds using play sound - which is a bit more fiddly than using matinee by the looks so might change to that. I spent a whole day working on this mostly trying to find out why it had stopped working. I didnt expect you guys to change the asset, Is there any way you could provide a developer list of changes when an update or patch is release (are you doing this already am i missing something) this way we will be able to track down any impacts on our maps?

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