So whats up with this?

  • I have been playing a fair bit the last 3 days… although i bought the game back when it released, just didn’t play much since then.

    I have encountered multiple problems that make playing this game frustrating to the point i have stopped playing.

    • Cannot level up, i am stuck at rank/level 6, none of my weapons will unlock.
    • Crashing/Freezing… and not just crashing and locking up, but fully crashing my steam aswell… have no idea how that happens but its happening, and from the research i did to try and find a fix… many many other people are experiencing it.
    • The Freezing… like literally sticks to yer screen, you cannot alt tab and try close it in taskbar, you cannot open task manager and close it, because it sticks to the front of the screen and puts task manager behind it, you just have to sit and wait for 5-10 mins to close itself or restart.
    • UDK.exe appears to be causing a problem on my computer when playing Chivalry.
    • Googling fixes for these problems you will find page after page of people posting about them and some people with what they claim as a fix, but none worked for me.

    There are more bugs… but these right here are the main ones that have caused me to stop playing, i just can’t play the game when it for no reason… crashes and locks up and closes steam.

    • I had a good run 3 days ago, not one problem…
    • Then day 2… crashes starting and my first “Wth” moment when steam crashed… and another instance when the game locked up completely and was unable to close it, had to restart my pc.
    • Then day 3_(today)_ I have had crash after crash after crash, i think i managed a 1 hour session with no problems other than not being able to level/rank up or unlock weapons, then BOOM BOOM BOOM every 10-15mins ish… crash crash crash, everytime it crashed steam on me, only a couple of times it locked up my computer, but it unfroze like 20mins later and closed itself, i had left it running after that crash, was pretty frustrated at that point, but when i came back and sat down trying a few other ways to close it which didn’t work, it randomly just unfroze within about 40seconds.

    Annoying as hell either way.

    So i thought why am i playing… im not even making any progress… im still rank6 or whatever that is, and the numbers on my locked weapons still display the same ## regardless of whatever i do.

    Sometimes im rank 27 or 25 for no reason and i can use weapons i never had before, but then i either crash or next game im back to rank6 and my weapons are back to locked again.

    With the amount of pages i got when Googling these problems, i cannot imagine the people who made this game are unaware of what is happening.

    Anyway, i hope someone can reply with some help on how to fix this, or someone link a thread about a patch that’s being worked on to fix this, would appreciate it, i won’t be playing this again until something is done.

  • I tried to make a post similar to this yesterday asking if anyone knows of any fixes but apparently it was never approved.

  • This is happening to me as well, I think everyone who recently bought it is getting the bug.

  • Beat this - I have all the bows and crossbows unlocked. Haven’t played as an archer even once.

  • For the freezes try upgrading the graphics card drivers and also direct x if necessary.
    loadouts that should be available at level one so far as i can remember:
    javelin player with teir 1 jav.
    vanguard with either spear or great sword. i cant remember if the polehammer is available at lvl 1?
    knight with broadsword and shield or battle axe
    I use these loadouts frequently to great effect even though i’ve unlocked nearly everything (still to unlock the final xbow and final dagger)

  • nothing has really worked to fix everything, I still randomly freeze up, but it usually comes back when i wait like 30 seconds or so. It’s as if i get a REALLY long lag spike but i’m completely frozen, then it’ll just come back and ill be dead or something. I also get the steam crash at times although that’s not very often as the freezeups. I’ve done all the typical fixes and even tried some further fixing but it’s bottom line the game that’s the issue. When steam crashes it’s always a udk.exe error and steam error with little to no information. I really think it has something to do with either .net or C++ redists, but i’ve re-installed everything and nothing really fixes it. I have latest updated drivers, no weird settings and it’s been happening since the patch that they said they were focusing on dw after it. i used to get actual errorsl ike for kernelbase but now it just crashes with no information really so who knows.

    at least for me it doesn’t seem as bad as others. some people never crash at all. I’ve had the issues on both win7 and win8, all my drivers are up to date, i actually reformatted to win7 from win8 recently and re-installed chiv and it runs fine but i do still crash in-game from time to time. Would not be cool if it happened during scrims or something which it has in the past.

  • Ahh, that sucks,
    I recon i’ve only had one or two hangs in my entire c:mw career and when it’s happened i’ve attributed it to something like the virus scanner deciding to do a scan or some background program.

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