Clan Community Servers

  • This post is about helping the chivalry community and may be even helping the competitive scene which in the most part is dead. Servers for chivalry have a monthly cost of about 10-15 dollars. We have a bunch of clan servers that are locked. If someone wanted to make a clan, they would maybe buya server for their clan. I don’t think many people want to buy a server and pay monthly for it. I’m saying this through my own experiences. What if instead of having 20 locked clan servers that are only used for their host clan, what if devoted member or members (that don’t want the completive scene to eventually die)buy or rethink their own servers into making them into a “Clan CommunityServer”. And sharing the password with clan leaders or up and coming clanleaders. We could have more community events and PUGs with these severs. This is an idea, please don’t hate.

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