Please Help

  • Since I got a new computer and installed Medieval Chivalry + DW , I Can’t join any server ? anyone knows why? need help please:apologetic:

  • You’re not exactly giving much information. Do any servers show up in your server browser, or is it empty? Does the game launch properly? Are you able to see servers and the connecting just fails? Need more info.

  • Everytime I’ve had the problem of joining a server, the issue’s been resolved by restarting the game, and sometimes by restarting the computer. You’ve probably tried this, but it’s not specified in your post.

  • No, Everything goes perfect , but When i try to join a Server (all servers) i’m getting a message ‘joining error vacban’ I don’t have my old computer so? what can I do?

  • Does not matter wich server I Join , Every server I join It says 'Information ; VacBanError , What can I do? i don’t know i can’t play anymore

  • Vacban sounds like your steam ID has been banned. VAC is the anti-hack system steam uses, try starting a steam support ticket and ask why your account was banned. Can you play any other games online on steam, because if so, that’s weird.

  • It means you’ve been VAC banned for hacking. Have a nice day.

  • Yeah I can play all game’s online , idk…

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