Chivalry Medieval Warfare Competitive scene group

  • I’ve been working on a project to gather each and every clan leader involved in the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare competitive scene, so that we have one place to congregate and discuss matters related to the competitive scene. This involves basic rules regarding competitive matches (scrims). Currently, there are thirteen clans involved in the competitive scene, although there is definitely room for more. There may also be a couple that I’ve not spotted yet but I have been doing my best to do some research in an attempt to find every competitive clan - and their leaders - in order to send them an invitation to the group. Another reason for this group is to possibly promote and verify custom maps that users have made in order to use them for competitive play and get some variation in map choices. This will be decided by people during meetings that will take place within the group. Here is the link for the group: The group is available for anyone to join, though clan leaders will be given ‘Officer’ rank so that they will have access to more sub-forums within the group. Should there be any clan that appears after the creation of this competitive scene group, they may also join the group/community we’re about to make. Let’s hope this helps out Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s competitive scene.

  • LOLs do you have any idea how many times this has been attempted and completely failed? How many Clan leader groups I am a member of? The one that got the farthest was the and the tournament site that was so close to being fully functional for setting up tournaments and leagues. But as usual, it fell apart. I am tired of trying. If you get something concrete I will take a look but since we are pretty loose about rules and the other attempts had over bearing rules. We may or may not be interested. Good luck though.

  • Actually we used the “Chivalry: MW, Clan Leader Group” for a very long time to organize scrims.

  • Well first time I’ve seen this. Joining the Steam group now.

  • An update on – yeah, it died because I got burnt out on the game and especially the community. But about a month ago I started working on it again (building it from scratch), and it’s actually currently done. All that’s left is bug testing (and there are a shit ton of bugs, believe me). I have finals this week and next, but after that I’m going to spend the majority of my winter break squashing those bugs and getting it released. If you’d like to see its current progress (including hella bugs), you can find it on

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