Performance Evaluation and Other Feedback

  • I ran two performance tests between the beta and the current release. Each was running the 64-bit exe with everything at max settings (except ragdoll) plus X8 anisotropic filtering through config change.

    1. For the first test I ran a game with 24 bots on Stonehill TO. During the match I spectated the bots and flew around, mostly staying near and watching the action.
      For current release average FPS was 70
      For current beta average FPS was 65

    The games and everything on screen didn’t play out exactly the same of course so there is a margin of error.

    1. For the second test I loaded up Battlegrounds and flew around the map exactly the same way each time. This test is much more precise.

    For current release average FPS was 80
    For current beta average FPS was 88

    This test actually shows some improvement! :biggrin:

    I’m still having some frame rate issues when playing TO on Battlegrounds. Whenever looking down the hill from mason spawn my GPU frame times go up a lot. It’s been like this for a while.
    Thank you TB for your hard work and I am super excited for further optimization improvements!

    Other feedback: I really like the idea of increasing spawn times due to team damage. It’s much better than having to vote kick all the time. The only problem I see with it is screwing up the spawn wave mechanic with people spawning at different times. However, as long as players’ team damage is low it should not be a problem.

  • Looking down from mason spawn it has to render so much. All those ships which are actually quite detailed. Detailed enough to look good if you could walk on them. Also there’s all the water and you can see most of the first stage as well as a few fire pits.

    I wouldn’t really expect miracles in FPS with these optimisation patches.

  • Battlegrounds doesn’t have ships, you’re thinking of Hillside.

  • @gref:

    Battlegrounds doesn’t have ships, you’re thinking of Hillside.

    Fuck me your right. Though same thing looking from the mason spawn there’s the FPS drop.

    Battlegrounds still has a hell of a lot going on though. All those tents the siege engines smoke and the fog.

  • Can you do the same comparrison with BOTS but in addition to FPS numbers can you also give STAT UNIT numbers: Game and GPU please.

    It is the GAME thread that I think is the most important to optimize for the majority of players.

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