Will there be new duel maps in the future?

  • ^ title

    There’s only one duel map.

    Reason I asked: Change up of the environment, the same old thing gets boring after a while.

  • There’s two I know of.

  • What? What’s the second duel map, Lemon? Even the maplist only has one map in it…

    Anyway, could a dev or modder tell me how much effort it will take to create a new duel map for Deadliest Warrior? Can I just copy all the scrips or something from the Dojo map and paste them into a new map? I’m thinking of making a map with circular combat areas, no poles and stubs, and edges which you can fall off.

  • Yeah I was really confused as to why the map list only has one of them.

    There’s one on bamboo and the other…

    I only played on alpha. But I did see a video of someone playing on talking about strange hit detection. Don’t know if release or beta video. It wasn’t alpha I know that.

    It was again Japanese themed but it had more duel arenas than bamboo.

    What happened to it??? I don’t play duel. I would have assumed it was there.

  • Oh, it was the same map, except it had some kind of roof with four pillars in the middles instead of a bridge. It also lacked some textures and such. I think the amount of arenas was the same.

    I actually made a video while back that demonstrates and issue that still hasn’t been resolved. The video plays out on that map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGrq82W2jrU
    If you pause 30 seconds in the difference between it and the current version is clearer.

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