Same relative swing speed.

  • I’ve noticed that among all the weapons you can pick, outside of a few(giant axe/halberd/etc).

    Most of them represent the same swing speed.

    Now in MW a light vs heavy weapon was a big difference, in DW it feels as if no matter the weapon, my swing speed is relatively the same.

    Lets take Three pretty good examples.

    1. The Shank. It’s reach is low, about the size of well…a shank, and it’s got a wind up animation that has the same size as other weapons.

    2. The ninja scythe. Call me crazy, but the wind up animation for what is basically a 1-foot long scythe is like you are swinging a haymaker every time. I’m reaching WAY far back every time, as if the thing requires some super wind up to work.

    3. The ninja claws. These are just odd. The animation is still the same time as every other sword animation, but they need to be close so it’s hard to tell.

    Just thought you know, you could use what chivalry has and make this game better?

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