Weapon Unlock/Rank Problem

  • I am unable to Unlock anymore Weapons or gain a new Rank.
    If i do within 1 game, by the next game it will revert back to what it was before.
    Meaning that all the progress i made… is now gone and i have to start all over again.

    I looked at my steam achievements before i started a game, and looked after i finished the game, and it did NOT change.
    So i tested it 3 times, i had taken a screenshots of the achievements i was focusing on trying to get, and the time played.
    And this is what i discovered.

    You can see all your unlock progress in your achievements, and none of mine changed.
    And some of them don’t even have the green bar across them, even if there are points in the ##/## tally at the end of where the bar is.

    The sands of time achievement, does not move, this is the “amount of time played” achievement thing for 80 hours.
    I have played a total of 19 hours my steam says.
    But my achievement “sands of time” says i have played a total of 344 minutes _(5 and a half hours)

    You can see here that something is completely wrong with steam or chivalry, and i have never had problem with any of my other steam games.

    There is a problem with the client to steam to server or whatever it is or however it works.

    I also get the problem where Chivalry crashes my Steam…
    Literally… my game will freeze up and crash, then i go to steam to load Chivalry again and find steam is closed…
    Have no idea how this works, but Google has many many pages about it, and there is a bunch on REDDIT about it.
    This might cause a problem with the time lapse or things not recording i guess.
    But it doesn’t explain why my 3 tests still changed nothing when i had no crashes.

    This is my current achievements i have unlocked, but there is a problem, these are all 2 days ahead for some reason.
    They should be 2 days earlier, like the “Five Star Archer” for example, should have unlocked on Dec 3…
    This just blows my mind how this works, because i remember getting that achievement and it was Tuesday… not Thursday.

    I have not been able to unlock or gain anything since the 4th of Dec 2013.
    Even though sometimes i get the popup “rank up” thing in game, it changes nothing.

    Struggling with not being able to Unlock Weapons or gain ranks and deal with the crashing, has frustrated me so much that i can’t continue to keep playing, it’s just not acceptable to me, it is in fact game breaking to not be able to progress in the game like intended.

    I hope a moderator allows this post.

  • Yay my thread was finally approved by a mod.

  • This is happening to everyone.

  • If it makes you feel any better, I have about 500 hours of Chivalry and I only just a week ago got Sands of Time achievement.

  • @DokB:

    If it makes you feel any better, I have about 500 hours of Chivalry and I only just a week ago got Sands of Time achievement.

    Not really no.

    I haven’t been able to play and enjoy the game since.

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