Corvus Corax or Crows…

  • How cool would it be to see a murder of crows start to gather amid the corpses for the last couple minutes of a round?
    Probably too much goes into the development to add such an element to the game, but I feel that adding such fowl would do wonders for the atmosphere. Their ‘caws’ alone seem quite fitting for this game. Maybe they come flying in overhead during the last half and start landing toward the end and begin picking at the flesh buried beneath the metal.
    Just a thought, figured I’d throw it up here.

  • In HL2 and their mods there were some cool death animations. One was where the ragdoll would slowly rise above the ground and then turn white and be ripped apart as it faded out. You could create a similar death effect but with crows showing up and picking on the corps then fly away. The only problem of course is that many turn down the ragedoll time.

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