How to create a proper floor?

  • Hello,

    I have huge problems getting a proper floor in my level.

    I first tried it with static meshes, some tiles which are also used in the throneroom of Stoneshill. But with these I had problems with the ragdoll of corpses, their feet got stuck in the static mesh. And many backswings hit the ground and abort the attack which doesnt happen on moor for example (Greatsword alt OH backswing, while looking to the sky).

    Then Retsnom made the suggestion to use bsp. I did this and used the material which was also on the tiles, so it looks absolutely the same. But here I have the same problem with backswings hitting the ground and on top, projectile stickies don’t work on bsp :(

    So please can some experienced mapper tell me how I can create a proper floor?

    Thanks :distracted:

  • You could make the floor out of the Landscape if its a flat floor and then paint on the floor Material. With a little time you can get it to look real nice. You can use similar materials to break up the surface so it doesn’t look so repetitious Not sure what problem your having with BSP or Static mesh. You could always place a blocking volume over any surface!

    I did notice myself players getting stuck on edges of BSP when you jump up on them which is unfortunate. I believe there is a problem with the collision on the Character models themselves or the Physic Asset. Its terrible to see when the Characters Hovers , when the character is clearly not on the surface. Meshes I can under stand because of the collision…But not BSP like this. The image below shows the player standing on Nothing! Call me picky but Unreal players don’t do this on BSP.

    Another thing that drives me crazy is the fact that all the weapons go right through any surface …it like they have passable penetration…it just looks bad!

  • I wonder is this is not an issue of not having the map above the base grid. In other words, your surfaces are below the grid. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but maybe. The other issue might be your collision setting on your bps brushes. Same could be true on the static meshes. I would double check those. With BSP brushes make sure that you have your additive and subtractive builder brushes in the correct order as that could interfere as well.

  • I would think the obvious solution would be to change the collision type on the meshes? Just change to to not affect weapons. Unless I missed something…

  • Well but it should on normal strikes. Sometimes you start a stab from too far away, so you pull it to the ground to cancel it. I will try it with landscape now, thanks guys.

  • can you post a pic of the original floor with collision set to on - so we can see what is happening?

  • This is what happens with static mesh:

  • “I wonder is this is not an issue of not having the map above the base grid.”

    If it was the case, the player would automatically be dead once he get under 0.

    Furst : I would suggest to try to add a blocking volume just on the top of your floor. (it’s a special brush)

    You can also make a custom floor with your own static mesh and collisions, using some software like Blender or 3Dsmax.

  • Yeah but he shouldnt have too do that. Check your collisions and hit boxes to see if they are not off when you play the game in a view port. You can do that by clicking the black arrow to the top left of the viewport then advanced.

  • Go into zero extent mode and see if something else isn’t causing it.

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