Remake of Monastery

  • If there is a map obsolutely we old age of chivalry players would love to see in the new game, then it would have to be monastery. It has a very tactical gameplay opportunity, and it also plays a vital part in the lore, since the mason is afterall there to steal the manuscript, gold cross and of course the crown, combined these items will make Malric the next king, but the agathians are of course preventing that. -I don’t think people who haven’t played aoc will understand most of this although.

    I think it should be exactly like how it is in Age of Chivalry, only with a little bit of adjustments or tweaks to make the map perfect.

    Most of the objectives should stay the same, only with a bit adjustments.
    To start with, there should be these two alternative objectives.
    Either to capture the towers to push the mason spawn forward, or to capture the gold cross or manuscript.

    The two towers would certainly need a little bit of adjustments perhaps, so it won’t be way too close quarters, where some classes would easily dominate some other, perhaps making it a bit wider?
    Also make a adjustment to how you do the objective, make a animation with your player ringing the bell with their current equipped weapon maybe?

    As for the manuscript, it should be a simple run in and snatch, then carry it to the boats.
    but for the gold cross, what if you had to dig it up then carry it? and also, since the pace of combat or Objectives is completely different from the old game, there should perhaps be added no “Respawn” timer on the object, thus but it should be made so that the player has to carry it, and won’t be able to use their weapons, thus they would have to have someone to protect them cause there will be others chasing to get the objective back.

    Then once those two items are captured, in aoc the floor that leads down to the crypt of argon would be break able, although I think there should be a difference there, how about having the doors leading to the church open / unlocked, and a hidden passage behind the altar that leads down to it?
    it has to be a wide staircase down, so it won’t get too tight around there. I can imagine it will be a bitch to break the fortified position of the enemy, which they will most likely have down there, and then the objective should just be to snatch the crown and carry it to the last boat ;)

    Hopefully you all understand what I mean :) please state your opinion here aswell.

  • I just had to laugh at the thought of running around hitting people with a gold cross or manuscript.

  • It would certainly require some decent teamwork, and with the object not respawning to the start position, I think it would be fair for both teams.

  • I can already see people complaining about FPS drop in the crown crypt, and generally it being a bottleneck area for the attackers.

  • well then leave out the crypt and still make a remake i would upvote it.

  • I would say I LOVE THIS MAP SCENARIO (everything revolves around being king over Agatha, and there needs to be more pillaging 'n stealing !), but I think the map itself should be reworked : keep the key places (crypt, monastery on a cliff, beach), but make battles happen less indoor and more in the courtyard / cemetery… Also, add more cleverly placed spawns, more visibility in general and more entrances to the crypt (two would be fine).

  • I want to kick unwitting archers off the cliffs :P

  • @Sir:

    I want to kick unwitting archers off the cliffs :P

    …with a gold cross or manuscript.

  • aww devs plssss!!! so many “old” memories rely on this map !

  • that would be awesome!!!
    ( well , IMO they should remake all the old maps! specaily “theshore” and i cant remember the name but the one you have to invade a castle and free the king in the dungeon )

  • Yea this is a great strategy map.
    No need to take out the crypt, just make the map better\diffrent and make it so there is other ways into the crypt or something. You should start on boats on this level as Mason, and you have to get off and go up the shore.

    I like the idea of the items you have to get not respawning, but the defending team should be able to pick them up and take them back or where ever they want to defend also.

    I think it would be cool to have a chest or “arc of the covenant” like thing to replace the crown. To carry that item you’d need like 2 people to carry it so if one dies then someone else has to help carry it back to the ship or the person left would have to get off and fight back till someone does come to help. Also Agathia could carry this back with two people.

    Also id like to see the foggy map with all the stones, Stonehenge I think. It wasn’t in the original maps I don’t think but released after. This map could look really nice with the new fog\gfx and would be great for the new game modes… I love running and fighting between those huge stones.

  • I would freaking love it if they added it to the game.

  • Monastery was very open. I think a dev said something like it was just created for the fun of it and then they tried to fit objectives into that somehow. I would like to see an objective item in almost every room so attack/defense splits up. When Mason captured X amount of items they win.

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