Chivalry Medieval Warfare - My Weapon Reviews

  • Hello

    I recently started reviewing the weapons of Chivalry Medieval Warfare and ranking them

    My goal is to do all the weapons but I haven’t unlocked them all yet so I’ll aim for all the primary weapons

    I generally do 1 weapon per class each time so no one is left out

    Here is my first review :

    Chivalry : The Thrusting Spear Review

    I do text + video footage review, then I give a conclusion and the score for the weapon on / 100

    Tactical score means how good the weapon is for tactical situations (getting an objective, defending a breach, narrow corridors…)

    And combat score is how good the weapon is viable for one on one (or more) basic combat

    Tell me what you think of my review and if I should add other details like if it’s newbie friendly or not (in the case of the spear, not)

    Thanks for all :)

    PS : Also if you like one particular weapon and you want me to review it please say so and I’ll add them to my order. currently I only have the grand mace (knight) on queue :biggrin-new:

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