Launch errors

  • hi guys, i downloaded chivalry during the steam sale but ran into some problems with the launch. it goes to the screen where you can pick if you want to play the normal game or dlc and then it closes to steam. i have tried all the things on the big list of fixes and none of them worked. i really want to play soon so here are my specs
    -Intel core i5 4670k
    -asus 3gb 280x
    -8gb corsair vengance
    -gigabyte z87x d3h
    -windows 8 64 bit
    -1tb hard drive (852gb remaining)
    ps. i have installed the latest drivers and run it in compatibility mode etc. i will post the missing files from the launch log later because i have to go very soon. thanks to all who post and also please read it later to see the missing files.
    thanks again!

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