MW Official Server (US West) is hacked.

  • Votekicks are disabled. Hackers get into this game, disable votekicks and ruins great servers for the rest of the community. Give us some leverage against hackers, for crying out loud. Every single week I encounter a server that has been over taken by a hacker, and the only option is for the rest of us to stop playing and leave that server. That’s pathetic.

    This guy is shooting his bow like it’s a friggin’ machine gun. Long time players I play with all the time are just leaving because there’s nothing we can do.

    I’ve reported a hacker before to find that nothing happened. I don’t have video capture so because of this, I have to either put up with tons of hackers or stop playing altogether.

    I love this game, damn near 500 hours put into but I’ll be damned if this game doesn’t have the worst support I’ve ever encountered.

    Getting real tired of dealing with this crap.

  • This is duel btw.

  • Free version has the all the features of the full version. Only its 10 minutes a recording per video and it has a watermark. But that doesn’t matter when it comes to reporting hackers. It also records in a very small file size.

    Also the getplayerinfo command. Push ~ to open the console and type that in with the hackers username after it. So if it were me you type getplayerinfo Lemonater47. Take a screenshot of that. Doesn’t need to be their full name either it can just be a few letters of their name. Leaving it blank will leave a full list of players on the server.

    Though I think torn banner allows you to just Shift tab out and click view players and link his steam profile.

    Kimiko gets too many emails. Email someone like User or keith. Moderators who don’t get flooded with emails.

    Also I think in duels you have to kick via console. I don’t play duel much I play classic duel. So I wouldn’t know.

  • If you Pm me the details I’ll check them out next time I’m online at the same time.At the end of the day we need pretty definitive proof before we can take action, because if found guilty of hacking they then end up with a global ban, so with something so drastic we don’t want to get it wrong

  • I’ve re-enabled votekicks on the duel servers. They were disabled on the 24-slot ones but were fine on the 32-slot.

  • Oooo Kimiko your name is yellow. It’s really shiny.

  • @theetompster:

    This guy is shooting his bow like it’s a friggin’ machine gun.

    Maybe they should have a Hack Day. Everyone with hacks gets to join the server and battle it out to see who is the best hacker.

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