[Bug] Unlocks and ranks don't work

  • I know this has been reported many, many times before, but since this issue seems to have been reported so often yet hasn’t been fixed, I’m reporting it as well. Every time I join a new game, a new match starts, or the map switches, my weapon unlock counters reset. I only bought this game a few days ago when it was on sale and I’ve been having a blast, but this is kind of disheartening.

    I’ve tried verifying the cache, restarting steam, opening the class selection screen again, changing a certain line from False to false, basically everything. Also, I basically always play on official servers with 12+ people on them.

    Strangely enough, one of the ‘solutions’ reset all my weapons on the knight class, but then I unlocked the second sword, and the kill counter for the third one got stuck at 49. Before I applied the ‘fix’ it was stuck at 62. The second sword seems to have been saved though, I just can’t unlock the third one (or anything else on the other classes).

    My rank is just stuck at 5. I must have reached level 6 dozens of times by now, it just doesn’t save.

    Two of my friends (we bought the 4-pack) have this exact same issue, but another friend actually got all unlocks for all classes without doing anything.

    This is taking quite a bit of enjoyment out of the game for me. I know that the starting weapons are great too, but it just sucks to see the game act like I don’t make any progress when I play.

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