Trouble distinguishing between black and white teams.

  • I know I can’t be alone in this. In multi-team battles where there are a black and a white team, I find them hard to tell apart in a quick close quarters combat type scenario. If I’m on white I’ll often accidentally hit team-mates because I think they’re black, or I’ll leave people on black alone because I think they’re team-mates, only to be killed from behind by them. They’re not really even black and white, more like light grey and dark grey.

    Why not replace one of them with a yellow team? You can’t confuse that with anything else.

  • They have orange and yellow markers. That where the confusion will be. You just move the confusion.

    it would be better if they just made black more black. And had less grey on the colour palette of the white and black team.

  • I initially shared your opinion, The_Jaz, but got used to i after a while.

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