Animal player models.

  • I’m sure there’s many around the chivalry community that has a dirty secret that they will not tell with words, so what if there was developed a different way of telling, by giving them a new player models of animals! Giving archer this fancy fox player model, Man-at Arms a wolf, Vanguards could be cheetahs, and of course we need something as big as a bear to fit the role as knight !

    PS:This is just a joke

  • No, no furries please. We don’t need this to become a…crap I don’t know the politically correct term, but a homosexual community.

    I was hoping when I saw this topic it would be about putting animals in the environment for atmosphere.

    is is just a joke

    Saw that though, but felt I had to response.

  • This is madness. The foxes, wolves, cheetas and bear should be female in order to fit in the game.

  • I was hoping this topic would be about giant enemy crabs.

  • Perhaps Overgrowth would interest you!

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